xenu find a source of broken link

The first review for this week – a program to analyze the website as the crawler sees it

This small program I am talking about – is Xenu’s Link sleuth, also known as “Xenu”. It is very useful in finding broken links, orphan files, building sitemaps (even the .xml sitemaps).
I strongly recommend it as it helps to find a broken link and a source pages of the links:
xenu find broken linksAnd to find the source of the broken link You just need to pres the right button on the link:

xenu find a source of broken link

Same with other links – if You would like to know the source of the link, just press the right button.


And here is the tip to make a sitemap for your site with this tool. This could be useful if your website has more than 500 webpages, otherwise You could use online sitemap generator, for example here – http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ (one more tip – it also has an ability to validate an xml sitemap and ping Google, Yahoo and Bing for your new sitemap – that is really great).

So, to have sitemap generated, you need to scan all of your pages, then go to menu and make an xml sitemap.

Xenu - create an xml sitemap

Please share, and post a comment below with your favorite SEO tool to analyze website! I’ll  appreciate it very much.


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