Protect your content from being copied

So, you are suffering of being copied? Your brand new unique content is being stolen every time? I will try to point out how to find the fact that your content was stolen, how to decrease the chance of being copied, and what are the worst impacts of this HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE thing.


Let’s start with the impacts.

  1. You created a valuable information and published it on the Internet. It should bring you visitors, show that you were the one who helped others with this good info. But somebody always copies your articles and posts them on his resource (blog or website). This makes the content not unique any more, and search engines will not give you a credit for this new article because they can’t figure out who was the original author. And sometimes your page may rank much lower than your opponent’s. You lose visitors, the thief benefits from your work.
  2. Some resources have automated the content collection – they use special parsers to parse your content (or its part) and use it on their website. They collect the info on many other websites and on some level get benefits on this in form of visitors, sold advertisement or any other activity. And this case can decrease the whole website’s stats – its authority, popularity

What are the ways to prevent copying the content from your website?
First, make sure to use a copyright and a page “Terms and conditions” explaining that any use of website materials is strictly prohibited. This may be useful to show to someone who copied your content but will be ready to delete it on your demand.
Second, install a special script to protect the copy of site. The job of this script will be to make the thief’s life harder. Some scripts do not let people to click right button of the mouse (to make copy command, or to show the source code), some add an additional text to a copied part – for example like this: “… – see more at This site”, some will not let any copying or selecting of text on your page.

SEO only loves a unique content!

The approach is one – to make it harder for someone to have your text copied. But none of them is 100% effective, because there are still smart guys who will break any script or find a way out. The good thing is – there are not so many of them.
The next time I will continue and tell you how to find out the fact that your content was copied by someone. This steps are simple, but effective.


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